Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm mad

Seriously Im really mad with my friend. He always go for recess with his another friend....He never invited me to go recess with them. Before that, he always go for recess with me. Then after his friend sit beside him, both of them always having conversation without invite me. I know his friend is so funny and talkative. If u wanna be friend with that guy, dont forget me..U treat me like rubbish. When I walk alone to musolla, u just ignore me. I dont want to scold u. I didnt mean it actually, but please. For our friendship.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Haha...What is the meaning of mindset? Haha..So u wanna know.. Mindset means we're professional in some activities...Haha..once i heard Mindset words about 25 times a day...when I sleepover at my cousin's house. So thats all..Nothing i can say...Haha..Just now Im checking for my tawaran SBP 2011...i didnt get offer to go to hstel...arghh!!! so frustrated...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

single or couple

arghhh!!! really puzzled....i rse for my own just preffered tu be single...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

school holiday~~(boring seriously)

yeayyy!!! the moments what i waiting fort...its school holiday!!! haha....what should...thats i wanna ask boring totally....what should i do...i wonder if i haave ipad..or iphone...farhan!! pleeeez....u already have ps3...then iphone or ipad....arghhhh!! you're too much... i should invite my friend and lepak-ing at WWM. and some new clothes and what so ever....btw i dont have enough money to shoping...cos i only have 370 ringgit....then i wanna buy my walkman for300...arghhh!!!!....all my dear frenz...please give me some money to hopping with my frenz...

Friday, January 21, 2011


halooo guys hows ur day..ok x....ade pape yg korg nk kongsikan ngn bosan nihh

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

arghhh!! victoria!!!

smlm aq apply asrama 1 malaysia...mntak2 arr aq dpt....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

damn!! so many h/w arghh!!!!

tolong !!!! so many h/w..hishh cikgu nape bg bnyk sgt h/w.....nk meletop dh kepale aq nihh....keje matematik nk hampir siap....but what about geography, science, sivik and many more!!! arghh tolong kepale aq nk meletop.....dalam 3, 2 , 1...kababoooom!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

kene sabar

arghh i have to be patient...thats what my dad and my ex teacher said....u know why they advise to be patient....ok i gonna tell ya...camnie aq nk naik van...mse aq kluar teros jumpa van aq....then aq terus naik.....driver van aq tuu x de...dye org ngh tunggu aq arr....then tetibe dyeorg naik...tetibe minah ni kecoh lakk kate "lembab arr" pon kate ngn dye ko ni kecoh pe hal ko....blom abis cite lg.....mse dlm perjalanan nk amik bebudak kt skola ngn hntr kitorg blk..tetibe minachi ni mengumpat psl budak sklk..dye ckp budak sklk ni lembik arr kalo nk compare ngn bebudak kte (melawati 2) mse tolong arr aq panas gler kott....pak cik aq tnye arr aq naper lmbt...then aq x jwb..psl ape...psl aq bgang ngn minah tuu..then aq blk....tetibe ayah aq dpt tau yg aq ni sblm tuu aq dh gtau ayah aq yg aq nie jd bahan ejekan dye org nii.....haa...then mse aq nk tdo mlm tuu...ayah aq pesan kt aq yg ni sume ujian kene anggap yg nie sebenarnye cabaran tuk kte di skola menengah.....cikgu aq nasihatkn pulak....kite kene banyak saba.....kao kte x bley sabar bley effect kte punye pelajaran..then kte jd kte kene banyak aq dh dpt pengajaran yg kte harus anggap ni ujian tuhan....pengajaran drpd cite aq nii....jgn la kte mudah marah ngn ape yg org nk kate...anggap la ianya satu cabaran ....sekian wassalam

Saturday, January 1, 2011

epy new year

i just wanna said happy new year for all of is already i think its really not too late for me to said happy new, so long peeps..